Westward Expansion Curriculum
Westward Expansion was designed for teachers and homeschool parents searching for a comprehensive Westward Expansion unit aligned with the Common Core Standards. (Everyone will benefit from the nonfiction informational text and process skills featured in Westward Expansion~regardless of whether your state has adopted the Common Core Standards.)
Westward Expansion features 10 reproducible teacher created lessons that lead students on an adventure through:
  • Discovery of the New World
  • the Louisiana Purchase
  • the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • the Santa Fe Trail, Trail of Tears, and Oregon Trail
  • the Mexican War
  • the Gold Rush
  • the Evolution of Westward Transportation
Each Westward Expansion lesson includes a balanced mix of lower and higher level hands-on activities that focus on:
  • questions after each of the 10 lessons to assess informational text comprehension
  • thought-provoking discussion questions to encourage critical thinking
  • scale mapping to trace and measure the route of the Pony Express
  • expository writing and research projects utilizing primary and secondary sources
  • journal writing utilizing close reading skills to increase comprehension
  • venn diagrams and paragraphs to compare and contrast John C. Fremont and Kit Carson
  • Lewis and Clark KWLH charts followed by expository writing practice
  • vocabulary activities and quizzes~context-appropriate glossary, answer pages, and grading rubrics included
The Westward Expansion unit will introduce students to famous leaders President Thomas Jefferson, President Andrew Jackson, Stephen Austin, George Custer, and Sitting Bull as well as famous pioneers and explorers Lewis and Clark, Sacajawea, Zebulon Pike, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Robert Gray, John C. Fremont, and Kit Carson
Westward Expansion Unit
147 pages
4th-7th Grade
ISBN 978-1-935255-07-9