American History Social Studies Curriculum and Unit Study
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Do American History! is comprehensive Social Studies program that was designed for teachers and homeschool parents searching for an American History curriculum aligned with the Common Core Standards. Even if your state doesn't use the Common Core Standards, the history content and process skills found in Do American History! are relevant for any state's standards!

Do American History! is a spiraling curriculum that teaches American History as it comes alive through the 50 states. Instead of teaching history through chunks of isolated events, history's famous people and events unfold through the eyes of each state.

Think about it--you can cover American History and the history of the 50 states at the same time, all in one year!

The two-book Do American History! set includes everything you need:

  • an American History Teacher's Edition with 53 reproducible American History lessons (all nonfiction informational content included!)
  • an American History Teacher's Resource with a balanced mix of higher and lower level hands-on activities

In addition, the entire Do American History! curriculum has been professionally recorded with words and music on audio CD! Set up a listening center for your reluctant readers or use the audio for whole group instruction.

Make copies of the Do American History! lessons from your Teacher's Edition and copies of the activities using your Teacher's Resource. Or, you might consider purchasing one of our Homeschool or Classroom packages which include our sturdy spiral bound Do American History! Student Editions, giving each child his or her own book with the 53 lessons.

The Do American History! Student Editions will last year after year, saving you time and money at the copy machine. Each Classroom Package includes a free Teacher's Edition/Teacher's Resource, giving you the flexibility to mix and max packages until you have enough Student Editions for your entire class!

Click on the Preview Book Button to download a preview of Do American History! View the complete Table of Contents, all of the Lesson Plans, Standard Alignment, and samples of the lessons and activities.

Do American History! Teacher's Edition/Teacher's Resource

550 pages + Set of Audio CDs

ISBN 0974705144
Do American History! Homeschool Package

  • 2 Student Editions (you buy one, the second one is on us!)
  • Teacher's Edition/Teacher's Resource
Do American History! Classroom Package 1

  • 10 Student Editions
  • FREE Teacher's Edition/Teacher's Resource
A savings of $149.95!
Do American History! Classroom Package 2

  • 20 Student Editions
  • FREE Teacher's Edition/Teacher's Resource
A savings of $149.95!
Do American History! Classroom Package 3

  • 30 Student Editions
  • FREE Teacher's Edition/Teacher's Resource
A savings of $149.95!